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At Safety Test (UK) Ltd we know that too many people are injured each year as a result of electrical faults.

Portable appliances are defined as any item of electrical equipment with a power lead and a plug that is intended to be connected to the mains electricity supply and must be tested regularly. We can help you to meet the current legislation requirements, ensuring a safe working environment for your employees and members of the public.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires electrical appliances to be maintained to prevent risk of accident. Safety Test (UK) Ltd uses the latest equipment to ensure you meet these requirements.

Meeting your Insurance Requirements

As a business owner you need to establish your obligations with regards to your Insurance requirements. Like an MOT certificate, it might not be necessary to prove your legal compliance at the time you take out your insurance policy, but you may need to produce records to prove your electrical diligence if you ever need to make a claim.

Who does PAT Testing apply to?

PAT Test Reports

Safety Test (UK) Ltd will issue reports on your PAT Test, including:

PAT Testing from 85p

"Thank you very much - excellent facility - best PAT test performed since its inception."

"This would appear to be the very best test we have ever had. Your engineers were positive, methodical and conscientious in their work."