Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic Surveys

"Fast Efficient & Accurate Testing"

Safety Test (UK) Ltd, a leader in Portable Appliance Testing and a Quality Assured Company, specialises in Thermographic Surveys.

We provide this service to customers throughout Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and the UK.

Thermography is now the leading non-intrusive, non-invasive and non-destructive tool used in an ever-widening range of areas. A professional thermal imaging survey allows you to detect electrical faults before the components fail. Because it is non-intrusive, it is extremely fast and efficient.

Thermography allows us to identify problems before they happen. This then allows repair work to be planned and carried out before it becomes a major failure that may endanger life and/or property and/or business function.

We use the latest industry leading cameras and software to produce high-precision reports that clearly identify any problems so that you can take immediate action without the added disruption of an invasive exploration.

What are the benefits of thermography?

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